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Microsoft Azure entspricht Europas hohen Datenschutzstandards

28 europäische Datenschutzbehören bescheinigen Microsoft die Erfüllung der hohen europäischen Datenschutzstandards. Microsofts Cloud-Dienst Azure ist somit der erste und einzige Cloud-Dienst, der diese Anerkennung in Europa erhält.


EU privacy authorities approve Microsoft cloud contracts (Jeff Meisner, Microsoft)

Privacy authorities across Europe approve Microsoft’s cloud commitments (Brad Smith, Microsoft)

Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Services Get A Privacy Thumbs Up From Europe’s Data Protection Authorities (TechCrunch)

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the following post is from  Alexander Schille

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH has created a unique and easy-to-use marketing solution for both German and European markets. Using Microsoft Azure platform and our unique campaigns and product lifecycle process, Marketing and Sales divisions are now empowered to launch and manage their own secure, high performance web-based marketing campaigns with ease and speed.

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH have taken Microsoft`s highly scalable platform and have enriched this by building in a business process for business campaigns and product sites. We call our solution, “Campaigns on Azure”. The business process enables the end-users to freely manage and control the full lifecycle of campaigns and product pages.

Stakeholders range from small businesses and corporate accounts, who have a limited budget for marketing activities to enterprise customers who wish to promote themselves within Europe or globally.

Our solution addresses marketing for a variety of industries, however T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH is focusing on the consumer goods, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

Security, performance and flexibility are of highest priority

A problem that many customers experience is that they have no overview of how many campaigns are live and where they are being hosted. In addition it is not clear which agency is responsible for what, and most importantly the sites are not secure.

A critical risk for many customers is the potential loss in brand image due to the lack of control around the marketing campaigns. As campaigns are not secure they are open to being hacked and miss-used. The highest “cost” to a customer is brand damage which cannot easily be quantified.

Our solution allows the campaigns to be holistically managed as a full service with high security and performance controls.


The infrastructure for our solution is provided by Microsoft Azure “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS).The deciding factor for the selection of Microsoft Azure was the worldwide availability of Azure resources, which is a great benefit to customers who address the European and global markets. As high security is one of our unique selling points we offer two European Microsoft Azure data centers which enable us to comply with the European Model Clauses of processing personal data. This is crucial for success, especially in Germany, where there is a high requirement for security solutions in the Cloud.

The platform is scalable, thus allowing us to start small and grow according to the demands of the customer. Due to the large Azure resource pool and excellent platform performance, we are able to initiate campaigns of different sizes with immense speed.

The lifecycle process in detail

Each campaign and product site is subject to a lifecycle and requires the corresponding deployment and testing guidelines. Before the launch of a webpage it goes through an on-boarding process which includes several Quality Gates (virus check, compliance testing, security testing, load and performance testing, functional testing, user acceptance testing) all of which must pass successfully. If errors occur, the pages will be rejected and must be corrected. Only campaigns and product pages that are error-free, high quality, secure and of high performance will be rolled-out.

To assist the customers with creating the pages and to reduce costs, we developed and offer a self-service environment where the quality of the page can be checked before it moves to the on-boarding process.

Each page has a defined lifecycle and is available for content updates. At the end of the lifecycle the page will be off-boarded and archived. The lifecycle is traceable as each process step and any change is documented and reported to the customer. This is an important fact for customers in the pharmaceutical industry who operate according to stringent “GxP” documentation requirements (GxP is a guideline for “Good Practice” in pharmaceutical industries).

Our lifecycle process ensures that the customer’s brand is kept secure and in integrity.

The benefit of the solution is that all three partners are able to focus on their core competencies. The customer develops the strategy and is responsible for the product presentation and campaigns. The agency develops the product and campaign sites in accordance with the industry expert guidelines, created by T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH. Lastly, T- Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH as a full service provider manage the agencies, the business process and ensure that secure and effective operation is assured.

In summary, we pride ourselves on our unique selling points of:

  • brand protection through security by Microsoft Azure and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH lifecycle process,
  • each partner is able to focus on their core competencies
  • one solution is provided for all three partners
  • Microsoft Deutschland GmbH and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH – two strong partners in the market combine their expertise to service the customers

On our website customers are able view our services and solutions listed below:

Please contact me via XING, LinkedIN or the contact form:

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